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Hi, my name is Dom.

I’m a freelance SEO consultant based in London ,  am your Local Google Expert that Bring Results ! and I work with businesses like yours to bring in new customers and more sales. How? 

With the power of digital marketing. For years, I’ve worked to position myself on the cutting edge of digital marketing.By keeping up with the latest changes and developments in the mercurial world of SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing strategies, I empower businesses with increased brand awareness, targeted traffic, and the most important thing
of all -- more sales and more profits.



How the first page of Google can help
your local business in London ? 

Can Search Engine Optimization (SEO) really help you improve and grow your business in London? The goal of SEO is to increase your business’s visibility online on search engines sites like Google. If you want to receive recognition and exposure online,
you need to rank on the first page of Google.

Not Second, Not Third, but First!

Come out of the shadows and bask in the spotlight by producing high quality content optimised with SEO to earn the approval of Google to show on its first page. Ranking on the search engine’s first page is a job for a local Google expert in London.

No longer can you rank on the first page in a matter of a few weeks, but you need to understand Google’s algorithms, Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. The algorithms are complex to understand and for this reason, is a job better left to a local SEO freelancer who understands the ins and outs of Google.

Through the expertise of a professional Local SEO service in London, you will soon see your rank increase and show up on the first page and with that, your business will see prosperity. With the help of a Google expert in London, your business will receive the following advantages:

Drive More Traffic to Your Business

When people search a word or a phrase related to your business, your site will appear in the search results. Most probably, they will click on more than one site on the first page and your site will be one of them. Automatically, your site’s visitor counter will increase.

Increase Customer Engagement

Through your site, you will be able to engage with prospective customers. People interested in buying something from your business may approach you with a question. The layout of the site and the products and videos displayed on the site matter a lot here. Remember, to increase customer engagement, they need to see something they like.

Increase Conversation Rate

A customer’s mind works like this: they click on a site that appears on Google’s first page, automatically deeming it as a trust worthy and reliable site to place an order. The local SEO freelancer will optimise your site with certain keywords, which when input into the search engine, will help your business show on the first page. This will increase your conversion rate by heightening your chances to make a sale.

Decrease Bounce Rate

If you have an increased bounce rate, your local SEO service in London will work with you to create high quality and SEO optimised content to feature on your homepage. You want users to stay on your site for long duration, taking their time to explore different sections of it.


SEO Marketing

Getting to the top of search rankings is the holy grail for anyone with a web presence. It is currently the most valuable marketing tool there is. Google and the other search engines are now the primary way people find what they want.

Businesses throw money at advertising, but seem to neglect one of the most important markets there is. If a search engine can’t find you, most potential customers won’t either.

The Secret Way Article Marketing Can Explode Your Business

Article marketing, while getting saturated because of concepts like bum marketing, is still a very viable way to help your internet marketing efforts.

But it’s important to understand that direct traffic from those articles shouldn’t necessarily be your focus or the way you judge whether or not your article marketing efforts are a failure or success.

3 Steps To Internet Marketing Profits

So you want to get started in internet marketing?
Local seo services London Or maybe you’ve started one but you just can’t seem to make any money.

I completely understand. I felt the same way when I got started. Our local seo services in London will help you get focused and on your way to making an online income.

A little more about my work

Providing local SEO services in London and UK keeps me on my feet all the time. SEO is ever-changing, always evolving and developing as Google perfects their industry-leading search algorithms. There’s a reason why Google is far and away the world’s number one search engine: it works. The company is always enhancing its search algorithms with new additions and developments that deliver better, more accurate search results for consumers.

As Google improves, SEO experts have to keep pace with all of these new changes and developments. The SEO world moves notoriously fast. Strategies that worked just three years ago can be totally useless today, and as algorithm improvements render spammy black hat strategies more and more ineffectual, great content and audience targeting reign supreme.
My deep understanding of the way search engines work empowers Crush SEO to deliver great results for UK companies, improving search visibility for targeted audiences and building trust and authority through timely, relevant, high quality content.

Digital Marketing & Local SEO Services in London

I’m an SEO guy at heart, but even though SEO is the backbone of a solid digital marketing strategy, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. I offer a full range of SEO, PPC, and digital marketing strategies that help UK companies succeed. 

John Smith

To find out more about how i can take your digital marketing to the next level, feel free to reach me out any time by phone, email, or my contact form. I’m always happy to talk to UK business owners about how SEO can help them succeed in an increasingly competitive online marketplace.

John Smith

If you want your business to excel , you need the help of a Google expert in London!

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