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The Secret Way Article Marketing Can Explode Your Business

Article marketing, while getting saturated because of concepts like bum marketing, is still a very viable way to help your internet marketing efforts.

But it’s important to understand that direct traffic from those articles shouldn’t necessarily be your focus or the way you judge whether or not your article marketing efforts are a failure or success.

Some of the commonly talked about ways article marketing can help you include:

  1. Direct traffic to your site via article directories where you submit your articles.
  2. Writing and submitting articles can generate lots of backlinks to your site from the article directories and other sites that pick up and use your articles.
  3. Indirectly, these backlinks may improve your organic search engine rankings, helping your search engine optimization efforts, and drive more traffic to your site via the search engines.!

These are all great reasons to write articles.

However, if you are focusing on building an internet business that is successful over the long haul, these aren’t the real power behind article marketing. Don’t get me wrong, they are great for short term results, which helps your motivation and your profits, but the really good stuff comes later. I’ve never hidden the fact that my core business isn’t selling ‘how to make money on the internet’ products. Instead, I’ve had an online fitness business since 2002.

I’ve seen, over that time period, the real power behind article marketing and having your own web site. The real power is the opportunities that can eventually present themselves to you because of your article marketing efforts. When I first started an online business, I was constantly seeking out link partners, trying to get into other fitness ezines, etc.

Now, people seek me out. And that’s because they find me everywhere. And they find me everywhere because my articles are everywhere. I’m becoming more and more known in my industry and am currently involved in some great projects because other fitness professionals have found my articles and then my web sites, like my information, and want to work with me. It’s a great feeling. But understand that it’s not instant.

However, if you go after the short term results of article marketing, and you stick with it, eventually you’ll see the real power of writing articles by becoming an expert in your niche, someone that others seek out for advice or to work with on projects.

So does article marketing work? Absolutely.

Just maybe not the way all the hype explains it to you. Get writing !



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