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Do you have a website? If so, is it up to date? Is it mobile friendly? Is it optimized for SEO? Do you have a social media presence? How about a Google My Business listing that’s up to date?

If you’re not sure about the answers to some of these questions, you’re at risk of getting left behind. In today’s increasingly digital world, consumers turn to the internet for information and reviews about businesses of all kinds. Whether you’re a niche ecommerce store, or a local plumbing service, you need digital marketing to succeed. If you’re not pursuing a strong digital strategy, your competitors are.

I do this for my clients using a multifaceted digital marketing solutions,
with a focus on SEO.

Here’s a little bit about what I can do for your business.

Fast, Optimized, Mobile Friendly Websites

If you want your business to get found on Google by your potential customers, the very first thing you need is a solid website. Whether you need a whole new look for 2016, or just a few tweaks that help improve your user experience, your digital marketing journey starts with your website.
  • Site Speed - Website speed is an important Google ranking factor. Not only does a slow-loading site drive your customers away, but it can also have a negative impact on your ability to rank.
  • Smartphones and tablets have taken over the world of the internet. In 2016, there are more mobile internet users than desktop internet users worldwide. In 2015, 24% of adults in the UK used their mobile phone or tablet regularly to access the Internet.
  • This means that mobile friendly websites are no longer merely optional — it’s imperative. Google’s 2015 Mobile Friendly Update reflects this, and to rank, your website needs to work seamlessly on mobile.
  • SEO - SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” and it’s the backbone of modern digital marketing solutions. I provide expert white hat SEO services that follow Google’s guidelines to a T, helping you avoid penalties and increase your website’s search visibility.
  • As a digital marketing consultant in London, I offer a full range of SEO services, tailored to meet your business’s unique individual needs an challenges.
  1. Link building -Google’s algorithms look at the number of trusted sites that link back to yours. At Crush SEO, I make full use of white hat link building strategies and PR outreach to build robust backlink profiles that improve your ranking in the SERPs.
  2. Content creation - Google loves fresh content with regular updates. I provide your site with all the content it needs, including persuasive web copy and engaging informational blog posts, to boost your ranking while bringing in new leads.
  3. On-site SEO - our website needs the right underlying structure, allowing Google to access your site and understand what it’s about.
  4. Press releases -Press releases provide an extra opportunity for off-site SEO. Plus, if they’re done correctly, you can also benefit from media coverage that puts your business in the spotlight.

Pay-Per-Click Setup & Management

Along with boosting your organic search rankings with good SEO strategies, I also offer pay-per-click setup and management. PPC can be tailored to meet your company’s budget, while providing a robust ROI through ongoing testing and optimization.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is at the heart of a successful PPC campaign. I work with companies across the UK to pinpoint the right relevant keywords, with the right competitive positioning, to target your audience at different points throughout the buyer’s journey.

PPC Campaign Setup

Using keyword insights gained from state of the art professional SEO tools, I create ads that bring in clicks, along with compelling landing pages that seal the deal.

PPC Monitoring & Management

Ongoing management and improvement are essential to making the most of your PPC campaign. A/B testing and bid adjustment can help increase your ROI and conversion rates over time, ensuring you get the most out of your investment with Crush SEO.

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