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Did you see that? That was your competition whizzing past you. Oh wait, here is another one that just surpassed you and another one and another one… the list can go on and on. The only way to deter them is to perform some detective work like Sherlock Holmes to discover what secret weapon your competitors are using to whizz by you at lightning speed.

We can already tell you what your discovery is going to be. Your competition has contracted the services of an SEO Consultant in London. You can too! Remember, you do not want to fall behind your competition, but you want to match them and then take the lead. Inside the World Wide Web, it is a rat race with different businesses fighting to rank high on search engines, notable on Google.

The Failure to Optimize Your Site Can Cause Your Site to Slide Down the Ranks!

With Crush SEO handling the SEO for your site, this will no longer be your fate. We have to experience, the expertise, and the tools to change your future, directing you on a path that will get you multiple hits, more sales, and more revenue. We are the Freelance SEO Consultant in London you can rely on to provide you with reliable and top-notch SEO services.

The internet dominates and influences people’s thought process. How many times have you searched for something on the internet? Do you usually click the site that tops the search results or is on the first page? We assume the answer is yes. For this reason, we emphasize on having a powerful search engine optimization strategy. If you have one, there will never be a need to put up the “out of business” sign.

  • Allow Us to Help You Keep Your Business Running Smoothly and Successfully
  • Our expert SEO specialists have the knowledge to power your business. We possess a wide range of skills such as finding relevant keywords, HTML code, images, text, and backlinks. We strive to improve and enhance your site’s visibility organically. Organic search engine result pages (SERPs) refer to unpaid results. Now, you know what we can do for you, but still, some businesses may prefer to go with an SEO company that promises them quick results.
  • We Do Not Promise Quick Results; We Promise Effective and Long Lasting Results!alias Some SEO Experts in London follow an unethical practice called “Black Hat SEO.” We, on the other hand, follow a clean and ethical practice called “White Hat SEO.” Let us break the two types of practices down for you.
We want to build a lasting relationship with our clients and “Black Hat SEO” is not the way to do it. We use our experience combined with “White Hat SEO” to help our clients find their way out of the crowded sites and rise to the top. Our seven-step SEO services process includes:
  1. Research and Analysis
  2. Identifying Keywords 
  3. On-site Coding and Implementation
  4. Copywriting and Implementation
  5. Speed and Site Performance
  6. Marketing and Link Building
  7. Rankings Report and Tracking

CrushSEO—We Have the Solutions to Your Ranking Dilemma

We offer two types of solutions, on-site and off-site search engine optimization. We utilize both solutions to give your site the boost it needs to make the incline to the top and stay there. Our SEO experts in London will conduct detailed keyword phrases using Google AdWord. Next, our experts incorporate the keywords into the Meta Labels (Keyword Tag, Title Tag, and Description Tag) and text on your site.

Ongoing Evaluation of the Relevancy of the Metal Labels

We are truly the experts in SEO because we remain part of your business, checking periodically to see if the Meta Tags we incorporated are helping your site improve its rankings. We use Google Analytic to modify the Meta Tags to ensure your site ranks.

With Our SEO Experts at the Helm of Your Site, You Can Expect the Doors of Your Business to Remain Always Open

or your business, you want an experienced freelance SEO consultant in London, managing your site’s search engine ranking. By doing nothing to optimize your site for SEO, you are leaving the door open for others to inch their way forward, leaving your site struggling to make itself known and seen.

Our ethical SEO practices will ensure you receive the exposure your site requires to attract visitors, generate sales, and more importantly, make its presence known. Let Crush SEO help you get your site ranked on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

If you want to crush the competition and make your site show up more in search results, Contact Crush SEO today!

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